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Length, Width

Basic measurements of your board.

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Nose, Tail

Can be customized in length and angle.

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Height concave measurement is from middle wood to middle wood.

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Distance Wheels

From middle wheel to middle wheel (measurement between the farest truck holes = Distance-Wheels + 5,6mm)

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Board Style

Changing board styles will not affect your mold measurements, so you can build different board styles with one mold by just using different templates.
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Start Rounding Nose, Tail

Start Rounding Nose and Tail is template related and will not affect your mold measurements.

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Boxyness Nose, Tail

With the board style Boxy-Shape you can adjust the boxyness of the nose and tail in addition to the rounding nose and tail.

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Creates an imprint on your wood for easy cutting. We recommend to choose NO outline if you want to use your Mold with different templates (styles or widths).

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And many more...

When using the configurator you will find that much more is possible: display of the trucks, the blankboard, 2D drawing ...